Estate Planning and Elder Care Solution

As your parents age, questions arise about their financial and physical well being.

Those questions may include . . .

• Who will take care of them should they need long term care?
• How will their finances be managed if they cannot make those decisions for themselves?
• What forms of medical care will they agree to in the event of short- or long-term illness?

The sooner you engage an attorney, who specializes in elder care and estate planning, the greater their chances of having their wishes accomplished in a timely manner, including:

• Nursing and long term care choices.
• Life-prolonging medical wishes.
• Wealth and asset management preferences.

It is not just about estate planning and specializing in elder care; it’s about careful listening and empathy. Because planning for illness or incapacity—though a necessity for all adults—can be an uncomfortable topic.

The Dayton Law Firm’s estate planning and elder care legal team understands that. That’s why we listen carefully to your wishes, values, and hopes for the future.

We then develop an estate planning and elder care solution that clearly defines how you want your health and your assets managed in the event of short- and long-term illness.