California Estate Planning You Can Depend On


The purpose of estate planning in California is to ensure your wishes are honored, your wealth is preserved, and your loved ones are cared for.

California’s probate laws and Federal tax laws can make even a smaller estate plan complex.  This complexity can leave the estate vulnerable to estate taxes and significant bureaucratic processes.

A California Certified Estate Planning Specialists at the Dayton Law Firm will help you prepare a rock-solid plan that cuts through legal bureaucracy and minimizes your exposure to unneeded taxes.

Certified Estate Planning Specialist Richard Dayton will review your needs and goals up front. He will design an affordable estate plan that accommodates your individual needs, goals and values.

The Dayton Law Firm legal team will also be there when you need them most – to assist you and your family should any of the terms of your estate plan need to be executed.

Your customized estate plan will:

• Ensure your property and your possessions reach those you have identified, quickly and easily.
• Minimize taxes paid from your estate, so your heirs receive the maximum benefit.
• Provide a living trust that reduces or eliminates the time and costs of the probate process.
• Dictate specifically your health, long-term care and life-prolonging medical care wishes.
•Define how you would like your values and your memories to be passed to your children and grandchildren.

Let a Certified Estate Planning Specialists at the Dayton Law Firm help you take care of your life, your wealth and your family with smart, sensitive, cost-effective estate planning services.