Legal Challenges to Taking Care of Your Family
Probate and Trust Administration

When it comes to documenting your wishes for the care of your family, simply having a will doesn’t guarantee your property is protected or your wishes will be executed.

California’s probate courts can tie up assets for months and even years. Additionally, a probate judge may redistribute your wealth and property – against your wishes – to creditors, court fees, taxes and unwanted heirs.

However, a clearly-written and thoroughly documented estate plan that leverages the unique traits of trust administration can make it possible to completely circumvent the probate process. This solution saves probate fees and taxes, closes legal loopholes and hastens the process so your wishes are realized quickly and precisely.

For more than 10 years, the Dayton Law Firm has been helping people like you overcome estate planning and probate court issues.  Cutting edge legal tools and firsthand experience allow us to create a comprehensive estate plan that ensures your family values and property are passed on to your heirs.

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