Information that can help an executor during probate

Acting as the executor of an estate is not an easy task. Because it’s a complicated endeavor, it is often useful for the executor to know about the role and the required duties before the time to probate the estate comes about. In fact, it is can be useful to gain certain information before the testator passes away.

One immensely important bit of information that a California executor needs is the location of the testator’s will and other estate planning documents. The executor needs the original will in order to file it with the court to have it validated and for the probate process to begin. If he or she does not know where to find the will after the loved one’s passing, the process can be complicated before it even begins.

Additionally, it can be useful for the executor to stay in the know regarding transactions that affect the estate. For instance, if the testator gets rid of a piece of property or changes account information, the executor may need to know that information. Of course, that does not mean that every transaction has to be brought up to the executor, but an annual accounting sheet may be useful in keeping track of assets of the estate.

Having this and much more estate-related information could make the probate process at least somewhat easier on the executor. Of course, it is still a legal process that can have many complications depending on the exact details of the estate. As a result, it may be prudent for California executors to enlist the help of attorneys experienced in this area of law when the time comes to settle the estates.