Remember to include digital assets in wills

When trying to get certain affairs in order well ahead of time, it can be easy to overlook some details. For instance, while many California residents are focused on using their wills to distribute their physical assets after their passing, they may overlook the fact that they need to account for their digital assets as well. If digital assets are left unaddressed, issues could come about later.

Like with many other activities, it can be beneficial to start with a list when accounting for digital assets. The list can include email addresses, photo-sharing accounts, online storage accounts, social media, online dating profiles and much more. It is also important to list the devices that these accounts are used on. Some people may only access certain social media accounts from their smartphones, and that detail could be important later.

It is also useful to appoint a person to handle the distribution of these digital assets, like a digital executor. If individuals have close friends or family members who are particularly skilled at using technology, it may be smart to choose one of those people to handle digital assets. Remember, it is important to name this person in a legally binding document, like a will, to ensure that he or she has the necessary legal authority.

Remembering to include digital assets and physical assets in wills and other estate planning documents could prevent a lot of confusion and complications later. Of course, it is important to understand how certain digital assets can be distributed as many account platforms have specific terms about such topics. In order to plan effectively, California residents may want to discuss the protection of their digital assets with their attorneys.