Obtaining probate documents from the court

Losing a loved one is a complex experience. There are emotional aspects to consider as well as logical obligations to handle, such as seeing the estate through probate. It can be difficult for any California resident to go through, and even if parties do not act as executors, they may still want certain information regarding a loved one’s estate.

Because information involving probate goes into the public record, interested parties could obtain a copy of their loved one’s will and other probate documents if they wish. First, the interested individual will need to determine where the documents were filed. Typically, they are filed where the now-deceased person lived, and the executor has the responsibility of filing the will and other necessary documents with the court.

In some cases, parties may be able to utilize online methods for locating the documents they wish to see, but they will likely need to request a physical copy from the court, which could be done in person or by mail. It is also likely that the court will charge a fee for individuals to obtain the documents. Fortunately, such fees are usually not substantial.

It may be important for some California residents to obtain copies of probate documents because they may have concerns about the information they contain. If a person views the documents and suspects that something is not right, the issue may need to be addressed before the estate is settled. Parties with concerns about a loved one’s documents may want to have their concerns assessed by experienced attorneys.