Wills are of no use if they are lost

Many California residents may have the best of intentions when it comes to creating their estate plans. They may want their wills and other documents to help their loved ones settle important matters after their passing. However, certain mistakes could make that more difficult for surviving family members.

Though a person may take the time to create a will, it is of little use to the family if it cannot be found. In some cases, a person may not inform the family where the document can be located, and in other cases, the person could forget. As a result, the will ends up lost, and the family may have a difficult time ensuring that their loved one’s wishes are carried out. Therefore, it is important that individuals discuss the location of the document ahead of time with those who need to know.

Of course, another serious mistake would be for someone to not create a will at all. It is a common misconception that wills are not for everyone. Some people may believe this idea and not take the time to create a will, and surviving family members may then have to go through various court proceedings in order to determine who is in charge of administrating the estate and to address other matters.

Wills are important to estate plans for a number of reasons. Even if California residents utilize other planning tools, having a will can help ensure that the plan is comprehensive. If individuals are interested in creating their documents or discussing the best places to store them, they may want to consult with estate planning attorneys.