Estate Administration

Legal Counsel and Assistance for Estate Administration

Estate administration functions like a bookend to the estate planning process. If a strong distribution plan has been put in place before you or a loved one passes, then administering the estate will be easier than if there were no plan in place, or if the existing documentation of a person’s final wishes were contradictory. This means it is better to plan ahead knowing estate administration is part of the process later on.

At The Dayton Law Firm, P.C., our attorneys can assist estate executors with all phases of an uncontested estate administration situation. 

How Can I Avoid Probate With My Estate?

While our firm is ready to help you probate a loved one’s estate, much of our focus is on helping clients avoid probate. An estate’s assets are made public in a probate case, and very few families find this aspect of the process appealing.

For small estates, California’s summary probate process can offer a streamlined approach to moving through the process. But it is important to consult with a skilled estate lawyer who can clarify who is eligible for this option. And even for those who do qualify, planning to distribute your assets through a trust can have many benefits. You can learn more about avoiding probate through comprehensive estate planning by exploring our other services.

Guiding You Through The Process Of Trust Administration

If you are named as a successor trustee in a trust, you have a fiduciary duty to carry out all of the items laid out by the trust. This can include filing taxes for the estate, distributing assets, managing and investing assets, and other duties. We can advise you of your responsibilities and assist you in carrying them out.

Let Us Help You With Estate Administration Duties

You do not have to guess your way through the administration of a trust or estate. Instead, you can request experienced legal guidance to ensure you make the best possible choices regarding your new responsibilities.

Our lawyers will map out the process for you, and we will be with you every step of the way. Our firm is located in San Jose and serves the entire Bay Area. We also serve clients throughout California.

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