Why Do You Need A Will?

Why Wills Are Essential To Your Estate Plan

Wills are a centerpiece of most estate plans. Even if you use other tools such as a trust, a will can help you direct your executor on matters that were either intentionally or accidentally not covered by that document. This is why all of our comprehensive estate plans come with a will in addition to a trust.

The attorneys of The Dayton Law Firm, P.C., focus on helping families with estate planning and administration matters, and preparing wills is integral to what we do. We can help you draft a functional will and ensure it complements your other estate planning documents, such as a trust, an advance health care directive (California’s living will and medical power of attorney), or a financial power of attorney.

Top Advantages Of Creating A Will In California

There are three tasks that a will can accomplish for you that are very important:

  • Wills allow you to name beneficiaries who can receive specific pieces of property or specific personal belongings or assets.
  • Wills allow you to name a guardian for your minor children or for a vulnerable adult who is under your care.
  • Wills allow you to designate an executor for your estate, allowing you to know who will handle your legal affairs after you pass away.

What Happens To My Estate If I Do Not Make A Will?

If you do not draft a will and you pass away without one in place, the state uses its intestacy laws to determine what is to be done with your estate. This may or may not align with your preferences for distribution. Spouses, children, grandchildren and parents typically receive highest priority in intestacy, and then priority is given to more distant legal relatives such as siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and so on.

Why Hire A Lawyer To Draft My Will?

While it is not a requirement for a lawyer to draft your will, a trained estate law attorney can ensure your will accomplishes your estate planning goals. Our firm’s lawyers can help you evaluate your situation, craft a will that addresses them as you wish, and create a document for you that will stand up to legal scrutiny in probate court.

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